AUGUST 5 2019: Introduction

This is where I talk about things Im working on outside of this website.

Whats up guys! Hey look there is this cool little site I have been following for those who are interested in SNES game developement. Here it is SNES RULZ! Recently I have been studying the architecture of the Super Nintendo and probably write my own programs with this new found knowledge and so can you.

AUGUST 25 2019

Hello! Recently I have been working on a game on my hours off from University. The Prototype name for the game is called "Project Nimbus-3". This game is going to be a 2D shooter (kind of like Touhou or Thunder Force). Every now and then, I get into a creative rut where I run out of ideas for enemies and level design. Even though this game is simeple, I want to make it fun for people to play. The art style is vey childlike and looks like it was poorly animted and hand drawn. This was inspired by Kirbys Dream Land 3 as I am a huge fan of the creative and whimsical style of the game in constrast to a more hardocre, edgy, style. I will post screen shots of the project thus far. --cheers


Hello everyone. So some change of plans. I havent been updating the site as much as I was promised. I just started college and things have been more than hectic (as well as being a certified wage cuck now). Aside from the negatives, I have changed the concept of the game entirely and have now (finally after dozens of throw away concpets, starting and stopping, etc.) decided on a concrete concept and idea for it that I will share more in depth later on. I have enjoyed most of my weekend working on the game as well and during the week developing my programming skills through smaller projects and *gasp* leetcode. Ye I know, leetcode is a bummer to most people (including myself) but its a good way to keep your brain going and possibly introduing more programming concepts from novices to experts. I have decided to conquer my time and be more discipline, so expect regular updates with the site and expect more (exciting) content. Thank you for those who stuck around or just check out the site. Thanks ya'll. --cheer

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