The Current State of Online Forums   8.11.19

I have been a regular user of the internet since for several years and to see a once niche, almost dorky thing become a widly popular, inescapable item in billions of people's lives. With that, we seee the internet become more corporate and the wild west attitude is slowly dying. One of these staples in the internet that is slowly going are dedicated forums.

One of my favorite forums include the OSdev forum,The Gamedev forum, AssemblerGames Forum, IGN, Stack Exchange, and the like. These are only a few of many I woudld visit on a damn near daily basses in order learn, interact, and in general have a ton of fun. The act of interacting with other people on a site that is dedicated to a niche hobby or interest has always made the internet a great place for people how even feel left out in real life. This, however, will change over the course of the next decade.

Over the this next decade we will see many of our favorite dedicated forums (with maybe the exception with the biggest and popular one of course) loose alot of interact traffic and evetually shut down as a result. With the rise of discord and a couple of very social media platforms, and spyware (Snapchat, Instagram, ect),where people can just create a PAGE dedicated to a certain fanbase or group, the discussions (at least in my experience) about the topic at hand is usually derailed and largely unrelated . In other word, a lack of focus on details is increased. What made dedictaed forums so fascinating where the amount of people that had alot knowledge to offer and how close knit the community was.

We need to preserve and archive as much as possible from the early internet. We need to remember what made the internet so great in the first place. I remember the free-ness of the internet and how fun it was to be on. Maybe its just nostalgia that is blinding me... anyways more on this later. --cheers